About Us

Jonie and Betsy are two high school seniors and friends that share passions,first and foremost, for Christ and crafting. They've known each other for nigh on 5 years now and have been great friends for pretty large percentage of that time.They both enjoys things like music, thrifting,crafting,reading and mission trips,and are known to go into uncontrollable laughing fits when around each other. Their future plans include dueling each other over fictional characters to fill their respective man-harems with, along with the slightly more attainable goal of launching an etsy shop to help fight against the impending doom that is tuition payments.

Yup,that's us! On a walk. How very healthy of us.

Jonie digs tea,hardcore music, wearing skirts whenever possible,backpacking and being outside in general, and her fivefinger shoes.

Betsy digs dt. mountain dew, indie and rock music, her jeans, exploring cities, and her trusty flip flops.

While we're different in some ways, we think just alike and couldn't get along better! 

We love meeting fellow bloggers and visiting them online,so don't be shy!

We are easily contactable either via comment or at pixietreeproductions@gmail.com