What We've Been Up To

We've been busy. Busy making this blog. Busy with school. Busy with making stuff. So here's what we've been making.

A whimsical feather hair clip.

Our philosophy is that hair bows are for anyone!

Is winter bumming you out? Us too. Look, FLOWERS!!!

A simple bow headband for those of us obsessed with stripes

What is this, you ask? Why, it's a flower, made from window screen! Be rebellious and fancy at the same time? Deal.

Upcycled buttons added to the stretchy headbands we all wear, for those of us to lazy to do our hair for real but who still want to look...decent.

Fantastic recycled notebooks

What more can we say? It's just a happy notebook.

Some of our goods, all packaged, just waiting for us to open an Etsy shop and sell at local handmade stores. *Sigh*

Stay Fancy,Fancy Lads!


  1. Love that bow headband, it is so simple and adorable! :-)


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