Adventures in Valentines

Well dear readers, we were on a retreat this weekend, thus the complete lack of posting and or commenting on your lovely stuff,which we regret. That said,we did have a fantastic time cross country skiing, sledding, and doing other types of  winter activities,and just in time,apparently, as it's supposed to hit 50 degrees in our neck of the country by the end of this week(w00t!) We brought along valentine making supplies for down time,which came quite in handy,we'll tell you.We made some quite ugly valentines for funsies, and then the next day Betsy made cute ones with one of our friends,who happens to have mad crafting talent. Here are some photos for you...

Homemade hot cocoa and crafting is a lovely combo...
Valentine makin' supplies,of both the hideous and adorable variety.
That's Jonie in the ruffles. FYI.
A super cheesy ugly Valentine for a mutual friend of ours...
We stayed busy,you see.
The card reads:"Even if I have to bite the dust a million times,I will never be your valentine!"
 The card above has a story attached,we promise. And here it is:

"My sister (Jonie speaking) told me that she didn't want to go on a "date" with me for Valentine's Day, and then called back later when she realized she was actually free. So, I made her a card with an important moral lesson attached...never reject your own sister as your valentine."

So,how DID we celebrate the 14th? Well, our Mommies gave us candy,and we went out to dinner with some friends(and some sisters,too!) to celebrate Singles Awareness Day. All in all a lovely day.
What did you do to celebrate Valentines day?

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