All You need is Love...and Links.

What with Valentines(Or,as some would have it, Singles Awareness Day) rapidly approaching,we thought some related goodness was in order.So,without further adieu,here are some disgustingly adorable,items for your viewing pleasure.

How cute is this tutorial? Answer: Pretty Darn.

Check out this adorable free(!) printable from Erin of Crafts and Sutch. Loves it!

Dana of MADE never fails to amaze. Check out her cute treat holders here.

Betsy weeps for those who have never made a hershey kiss rose. Easy,cute,and delicious.

Epic squeal worthy? Why yes.

Betsy just can't get over this necklace! It's so sweet...

I, Jonie, just read this post and I am here to ask this regarding the above necklace; am I indeed "here"? Whose heart am I "here" in? Oh, the eternal question of females. 

Jonie, you are my favorite. Always remember this. -Betsy

Anyways,however you celebrate the 14th, we hope this inspired you.
Stay fancy,Fancy Lads!


  1. Love those conversation hearts - too cute!

  2. You did a great job at linking me to your blog! Now it's easy for me to pop over and say hi! :) Thank you so much for featuring my printable! You are such a dear! Have a wonderful week!

    Erin :)


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