Crafty Candle People: Holland House Candles, Inc.

This past weekend, I (Jonie) visited a fantastic little candle shop in Holland, Michigan called Holland House Candles, Inc. There, candle-making is an elaborate art (which they make look really easy). But these aren't your everyday candles. These are substantial, elaborate, beautiful handmade creations. We encourage you to go to their website and take a look at how their candles are made. It's really amazing.

Here's a selection of their "traditional" candles.

From what I gather, the candles are repeatedly dipped into different colors, creating the marbled effect when they cut away to shape the ribbons, birds and flowers.

A close up of the curls on one of the elaborate candles.

A hummingbird and flower scene candle.

And while the large, intricate candles are beautiful, the candles they make with leftovers are possibly my favorite, just because they're fun.

A little mushroom they make with the leftover drippings from the large candles. 

Little piggy! Need I say more?

Um, who wouldn't want this? Seriously.

I challenge you to find a cooler candle rendition of a turtle.
When I return, I think I'll get a little piggy to be my college buddy.

So here's to a shop well done and a craft well executed.

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  1. i saw an episode of how's it made today. Holland House Candles were featured. They showed the whole process. wow, i had to go to the website right away. they are beautiful. they make the turtles and mushrooms from the drippings of larger candles. it takes up to a year to learn how to do the crafting of the candles. wow, wow,wow. the r beeeeautiful.


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