Make It,Don't Buy It!: Tea Duck

As stated before,Betsy likes to wander around various websites for inspiration,one of them being Fred Flare. Well, one day,she happened across a phenomenal thing: A Tea Duck.(That being,a loose leaf tea floater thing, only with a baby rubber duck on top.) It was brilliant. It was cute. Too bad she doesn't drink tea. But Jonie and several of her friends do, so she kept it in the filing drawer of ideas in her mind then went on her way.

See? Tea duck!
Then one night, a tutorial caught her unawares! A Make-your-own-TEA-DUCK! Needless to say, several friends will be receiving one as a gift. Be ye warned,friends. Be. Ye. Warned.

You want one,don't you? No worries, find out how here.

Stay fancy,Fancy Lads!


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