Introducing (re)fresh,spring 2011!

So sorry for the lack of posts this week! The worker-elves are a busy gettin' (re)fresh ready for you next week and are therefore a little forgetful about keeping up the blog right now. Those lazy elves....

What is this (re)fresh,you ask?

(re)fresh is a practical, economical approach to updating your life for spring.  Everyone likes new and pretty things, but not everyone can spend buttloads of money on pretty things.
(re)fresh will highlight and produce projects that will help you use what you have, the easy-to-obtain and the inexpensive.
Our goal is that no single project in (re)fresh should cost you more then $10.
Our goal is to highlight projects that upcycle without being exclusive to such projects.
Our goal is that every project we share will be simple,easy,and pretty.
Over the next 2 weeks, we'll have a lot of great content for you,such as...
  • A giveaway to celebrate the launching of our shop!
  • Original tutorials and ideas
  • Our "personal" projects
  • Many tutorial roundups including beauty,jewelry,clothing and more.
  • A linky party so you can share your projects and pretties!
We'll basically be hyper-blogging(for us.) Not only will there be a post everyday(gasp) but there will normally be at least 2! So stay tuned,because we've got a lot of exciting things headed your way!

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