(re)freshing Style Tips: Quick Fixes for the Everyday

Need a fix but have no time to craft or shop? Fear not,we've got you covered!

1.Thought cuffing pants was just for jeans? Not anymore! Fold up your dress pants ala J. Crew for a fresh take on the classics.

2.Wish that scarf was an infinity scarf? Use safety pins to pin the edges together! Loop it over as a circle scarf,just make sure the pins are closed keep the ends in the ends in the back. Voila!

Pin-to-win! This gorgeous scarf hangs awkwardly and this was it's redemption.
In use! Not the best top to pair it with,but um, you get the idea.
 3.The tried-but-true ponytail-to-bun always jazzes up your 'do. Need to know how? Put your hair in a ponytail,pull through the elastic as usual. On the last loop,don't pull your hair all the way through. Instant fancy!
(No photo 'cause photographing the back of yo head is somewhat challenging.)

4.Dresses can be shirts. Mind boggling, we know, but it's quite true. Use a dress that isn't super bulky and tuck it into your jeans-you can either do so tightly or leave it hanging over loosely, but that depends on the dress. (Tucking is acceptable sometimes.)We tucked in a simple gingham dress. So pretty much, you get a new shirt without spending any money. YAY!!! You can also simply layer a dress over jeans for layering funsies

5.We used to think our mom's old square scarves were outdated and ugly. We've changed. The light and silky square scarves of our mother's generation is a great way to reuse items. Wear them like a bandanna around your neck, or as a headband.

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