Flights of Fancy: A Feather Clip Tutorial

Well,Our Dear Readers,no doubt you too have seen the feather hair clips that are popping up this way and that in the craft and fashion world. While it can be extremely tacky when over done, it can also be a fantastic touch of vintage or boho-ish glam if done correctly.One simply needs to find the correct balance of plumage.

That said, there's something to be said for taking chances with one's fashion statement, and accessories are often the best way to do so.For instance, your humble blog author Betsy,unlike the fashion savvy Jonie, is a bit timid when it comes to clothing choices, but is indeed a fan of fun accessories, such as hair things,scarves, or the all important Unicorn bag(Story to come...)

So, would you like your own feather hair clip? Just to mix it up a little in these bleak winter months? We think yes!

First, you need to gather your supplies.... You will need:
  • Hair Clips. We are partial to hair snaps, but that's just us.
  • Glue. We recommend Aleenes, but can't think of a logical reason why Elmers, Mod Podge or even spray adhesive wouldn't work.
  • A crappy old paint brush that you wouldn't weep to see touch glue.
  • Feathers, of course! We got a bag at Michaels that was originally $3, but you go in there with a coupon, odds are it'll cost less.
  • Scrap paper, to work on and to clip your snap to.
  • Rhinestones or buttons(optional)
A note: You can lay your feathers out for a rough idea of how you want it to look, but your authors found that it is a mostly futile effort, as at least 1 feather will probably end up mangled by the end. Be ye warned.

Behold, an angled shot makes it seem cooler then it is!
Step 1: Slide your hair clip onto a piece or scrap paper. This keeps it from gluing shut.

Snap that sucker on tight!
Step 2:  Using your brush, add a thin coat of glue to your clip. Thinner then the picture shows. You want a barely-there layer of glue,okay?

Step 3:  Pick a big feather to be your "base feather." Press is lightly into the glue. It will get matted. This is a truth,yea, some would say inevitable. Do not despair, the trick to this whole thing is layers.

Try to find a big one: the sturdier the base,the better.

Step 4: Pick a slightly smaller feather to add on. Heres were it gets a little tricky, is applying glue without matting everything. We recommend dabbing the "butt" of your clip, and pressing in the base there. Lay your feather as you desire,lift slightly, and dab with just a teeny,tiny sized dot.

Press lightly. Do not attempt to take one handed picture, as shown above.

Step 5: Keep layering,progressing from bigger to smaller feathers. Layer until you like it.  At this point, you may choose to add a rhinestone or a button for embellishment. Do as you like,and then try to let it dry for a decent amount of time. Just so you don't get glue in your hair.

And now you have a whimsical hair piece to brighten your wardrobe! That's right,winter blues, you ain't got nothing on feathers. Enjoy!

 Stay fancy, and happy Tuesday!



  1. Well I just learned something new. I never thought to put something between the clip. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Whimsical, indeed! And very pretty. I'm not much into feathers but I know someone who would love this.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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