Look What We (freaking) Did!!!

So, we've been trying to slowly start our Etsy shop. However, we wanted to test our market and see if our stuff actually sold. (And if we had any business skills whatsoever). Well, it turns out that we do! We are now selling our stuff through commission at One Girl's Treasure, a local high-end thrift store near us. We're so thrilled to finally be getting started! We made an agreement (with each other, that is) that we will have our Etsy shop up and running by mid-March. And dang it all, we will. But for now, we're going to revel in our wee little success.

Here's our little stand! We are selling as "Pixie Tree Productions."

We even made business cards! This is going to be out-of-control fancy.

So,if you live in the GR area, come check us,Pixie Tree Productions,(and the sweet fashions and other unique,handmade items) out at OGT. If not, well then, our etsy will be up and running shortly!

Stay fancy,Fancy Lads!

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  1. Congratulations! I hope to open up an Etsy shop one day soon too. Definitely by the end of the year.


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