Quickie DIY/Mini Tutorial:Blingy Headband

Note the blingy font. To ya know, go with the blingy theme.
Got some of those plain stretchy headbands lying around?
 Got some old clip-on earrings?
Then you got yourself a spankin' new blingy headband in less then 60 seconds! It's fairly self explanatory, but we took photos,so you get a mini tutorial,anyways.

1. Gather your supplies. All two of them! In case you suffer from short term memory loss, that would be (a.) a headband,preferably of the stretchy variety(traction,you see,) and (b.) old,clean clip-ons earrings. Raid your Grandma's jewelry box. Go thriftin'. Whatever gets it done. And before you panic, you can separate them at any time and get your beloved headband/clip-ons back.

Behold the bling! Old clip-ons bequeathed to Betsy by her older sister years ago.
Stretchy headbands. Found at your local superstore,$2.18 for 6. Boom.
Step 2. Pick a clip-on you like,and clip it on to your headband.
I,Betsy,chose a fantastic starburst shaped one I have in fact been hoarding.
Just slip it on...
...and clip-it on! (Sounds like an infomercial,doesn't it?)
Enjoy your new,free-of-cost headband! And brush your hair,Betsy. My word...
 You could also go for max blinginess and slide a handful on,if you're daring!
We'd love to see this done with some of those cool old neon enamel flower clip-ons from the 60s and 70s. Mayhaps next thrift store run, we must search for some...

Thanks for stopping by, and Stay Fancy,Fancy Lads!

Spunky Junky


  1. I love this idea and how it just saved me some $ and clutter in my 'hair-things' bin. Great post!

  2. Hi!

    Wanted you to know I posted a link to this tutorial today on my blog.

    Nancy Ward


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