How (re)freshing: Ghetto Belt Top to Fabulous Top

Betsy was out and about thrifting the other week. Whilst looking at clothes, her sister found an amazing red polka dot top that fits pretty much perfectly,save for being a titch to long. The problem? A ghetto rhinestone belt buckle on a vinyl belt thingy. It takes would could be a sweet Lucille Ball-esque throw back into a Jrs. section nightmare. But, 15 minutes and a seem ripper later and it looks pretty darn good. What do you think?

It's sooooo cute,and it fits Betsys sister perfectly. Check out that fabric,yo!
Alas alack,the ghetto belt.
Midway through! There were some odd lines and lintys, but they brushed off just fine.
Ghetto belt no more! We plan to make flowers or bows out of the vinyl...
Classy retro throwback? Why yes.
SO much better!
Yes,we think it's safe to say Betsy's sister will get a lot of use out of it. And for $3, who can complain?
Sorry about the crappy lighting, it was 11 PM and Betsy didn't want to wait to do this project :)

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