(re)freshing:T-shirt Tutorial Roundup

Let's be honest: there are WAY to many sweet t-shirt revamp tutorials for this not to have its own category! Who doesn't love them a good tee,anyways? We have a few that are kind of similar,but we figure that's okay, at least you'll have lots of options!

I am Momma has a great stamped t-shirt tutorial. This is a great, quick one!

Can you cut out a heart? Can you sew in a straight line? If you said yes. why then,you can make this gorgeous t!
BOWS. 'nuff said.
This fast looking project also looks fab!

J.Crew? Nope. Handmade!
We're kind of mad at ourselves for not figuring out this anthro-hack first...
This book page t-shirt is lovely!
How-to make sweet lace appliques!
Ruffles are so very chic right now,why not make your own?
Check out this gorgeous tutorial by Momma go round!
A pretty anthro-inspired tutorial

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  1. This is fantastic!! You've gathered quite a fabulous collection of refashioned tees! Thank you for sharing!


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