(re)freshing playlist

Winter was rough. We felt lame singing along to any spring-themed song, but now we can sing without shame.
 So here's some lesser-known stuff to jazz up for playlist this spring!

For those of you who also creep on Josh Groban, this might make your day. Especially if you know what on earth they're singing.

Third Lobby is just a really happy band. They make us think of happy hippies jammin' outside under a tree in the spring and summer.

We've got a creeper crush on the lead singer from Army of Me. Why? Well, it's pretty obvious.

And Then There Were None will expand your horizons, if nothing else will. It's kindof like the rebel's hip-hop. But not. Well, you know what we mean. (While the music video may be lame, we still kindof like it. So don't judge.)

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