(re)freshing: Hankies


Handkerchiefs have been overlooked of late. Why? We personally don't know. They may be old school, but they're so awesome, who cares?

So why use a hanky, you ask? We've got many good reasons.

1. They're covered in flowers.
2. They dry your tears.
3. If a guy offers you his and lets you keep it, you can creepily harbor it next to your pillow for the rest of your life. Of course, if we ever meet a guy who actually owns a hanky, we will consider eloping.
4. They dry your tears. And snot.
5. They can clean your face and be fancy at the same time, and are much more portable than towels. Don't lie, you wash your face in public bathrooms sometimes, too.
6. They can double as a napkin, in case of emergency.
7. They can carry your snacks!!! Jonie finds this vital.
8. Most importantly, they bring a touch of fancy to every day life. And we're all over that.

So bust out your mom's or grandma's old hankies that have old-school charm, and use them for new things!

Here's a great tutorial we found on what to do with your hankies that you don't want to snot up.

Make handkerchief rosettes with Ruffles and Stuff

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