(re)freshing: prom dress update mini-tutorial

Oh, Prom. How you have plagued us all.

But it doesn't have to. It occurred to us that we didn't need to spend boatloads of money on Prom. So we didn't. We thrifted and spent a whopping $6 on a dress at Goodwill. EPIC AWESOME!!! So if you're stressed out about finding a Prom or Formal dress because they're freaking expensive, hit up a thrift store and be creative!

So here's the dress by itself, which is pretty, so we think.

But we didn't feel quite satisfied with accepting the dress as we found it, so we used the accompanying wrap that went with it to make it into a one-shoulder dress.

How did we do this?

1. Tuck one end of the wrap under your left pit.
2. Pass the wrap over the right half of your chest and around the back.
3. From the back, pass it over it's origin (left pit), make sure the left half of your chest is covered, and pass it over your shoulder. 
4. Tuck it into the back.
5. Make sure all of the folds in the material are flattering. This may take a couple of tries in order for it to look good. 

Sadly, this dress kind of fell to the bottom of Jonie's closet, hence the wrinkles...but don't be lazy like her!

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