(re)freshing your playlist

Hello All! Sorry we're a day behind(awful,we know) but due to a few independent factors we just never touched base with each other yesterday. But fear not, that just means DOUBLE THE POSTS TODAY.(Hollaaaaaaaa!) So,without further adieu, here are your posties.

Do you need some new tunes for spring? While you're refreshing everything else,why not,right? A new list to run to,to clean to, to study to,to craft to,whatever! Music is such an easy,relatively inexpensive thing to mix up! And plus,it was a chance for Betsy to make a playlist. As a side note,we opted to merely link to the amazon mp3 sample from the song title instead of bogging down the blog with 10 different videos.You're welcome :) We fully enourage you to look up the full versions,however.
Here's a few good picks for this spring...

This song fills me(Betsy) with joy from the tip top of my head to the bottom of my toes.
Happy dancy super fun times!

Since,oh,November or so maybe, Mumford and Sons have more or less exploded in the US. And rightly so.(Betsy has been listening since last June. Just sayin'...) The amount of talent,lyrically and musically, is astounding. And what a fitting anthem for spring.

Really good for dancing to whilst blaring loudly. Not that we'd know or anything.

You probably have heard Flo before. Her song " The Dog Days are Over" was used far and wide in a variety of commercials last summer. This chick has some real pipes on her, and boy, is she good.

You hear that beat?That's tap dancing. Yeah. Pretty much.

"Holiday,oh holiday, and the best one of the year! to go away on a summers day has never seemed so clear..."

Often accused of being the new Vampire Weekend,HoH's earlier stuff is happy,upbeat, and perfect for sunshiny days.

This on goes out to our friend, who is obsessed with this fun number.

This is the ultimate song for a sunny day.

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