(re)freshing: Facial Spray Tutorial

Facial sprays are little known, yet so fantastic. Jonie uses them everyday after washing her face. Just spritz on for some refreshing, skin-helping goodness, which can be as moisturizing or smell as good as you want it to!

Start out with a simple travel size perfume bottle.

As far as what you put in it, you've got a few options. You could

a.) make tea (herbal or floral)
b.) boil skin-healthy herbs (lavender or rosemary, for example)
c.) use distilled water and add a couple of drops of skin-healthy essential oil (like rose or lavender)

You can be done here, or you can keep going and add a couple drops of Vitamin E oil, or if you don't have that on hand, use some olive oil. Of course, these will probably settle on top, so you'll have to shake up your bottle when you use it.

Depending on the ingredients, the facial spray may have a short shelf life of 1 week, but it may last much longer. Check every day to see if any little floaties have developed, and if they have, it's time to make a new batch!

You're done! Use your facial spray after washing your face, or simply to put some pep in your step midday.

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  1. You can inhibit the growth of bacteria by using a teaspoon of vinegar or rubbing alchol. You won't end up smelling like vinegar either! Best to add some time of bactericide, Tea Tree Oil would be a good one to use for this or my previously mentioned two.


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