Corner Bookmark Tutorial

 So, this is a little sad, but we're going to offer our wee contribution to the bookmark world with a ridiculously simple corner bookmark tutorial. Why? Well, I, Jonie,  Googled (yes, it’s a new verb) corner bookmark tutorials, desperately wanting to make a nice birthday present for my fellow blogger. Sadly, everything looked way too complicated and I am horrible at following directions. So I winged it. This is the easiest present you could ever make, and it’s destined to be super cute! (and potentially completely cost free!)

Get yourself some pretty paper. It could be recycled, or you could head on over to the Graphics Fairy to print out some fantastically pretty paper. You'll also need some glue and a pair of scissors.

1.Cut the paper into a small, square-ish shape. But if you really can’t because then it would kill the beauty, just try to force it. I haven't really perfected the art of this, since it always seems different. About half of this square/rectangle will be the area it covers of the corner of a book page, so keep that in mind. You can make a really large bookmark, or just a little guy. I didn't really cut mine, I just left it that size. That irritating phrase "it'll all work out" is entirely legitimate in this case.

2. Fold the two bottom corners to meet each other, like a triangle. Where they meet, it should be concise, 90 degrees. If you can't quite get it, grab a book or paper to use as a guide.

3. Now, it should look like this.
Stupid, right?

Just wait.

4. Tear along the line(ish) to get a jagged, torn, effect.

So, now you have this.

Still looking stupid. Fear not, friend.

Tear off some paper that is the height of the triangle. Glue it down along the center on the side with the open flaps, them trim the edges, like this (the music piece is the strip of paper mentioned).

Now you're done! You've just made a recycled, cute, easy, cheap gift!!! This saved me some stress around Christmastime. Just sayin'.

And here's your book, happily marked and ready to go!


  1. I've cut off corners of envelopes to make bookmarks like this, but your idea is much, much cuter!

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