An Introduction to Jonie (as in John-y)

You may be wondering, who are these people?

Sometimes, we wonder the same thing. But here's what we know about ourselves.

   Hey! Jonie speaking.Well…where to start. I love Jesus because He first loved me and I need Him. That’s the basis of my existence. No matter how many times I may turn away from God, ignore Him, get angry at Him, etc., every single time I eventually realize how wrong I was and turn back to God. If you are not a believer and you are reading this, know that there were times when I did not think it possible that for God to exist. Just because I was raised in a Christian home does not mean I did not struggle and do struggle. No matter how many times you search for satisfaction apart from God, you will come up empty every time. If you’re still lost, still trying to figure out why you are here, stop. God is it. If you would like further explanation, I would love to give it. Feel free to contact us!

    I am a living contradiction. I can drink tea from fancy teacups, listen to Underoath, read Jane Austen and George MacDonald novels (the Scottish one, not the new one, whoever he is), and experience teenage angst, all at the same time and often while wearing a dress.

I like being outside. It makes me happy :).

I took these while backpacking. Isn't the tension of that storm rolling in fantastic? Needless to say, we huddled under a tarp that night in order to eat.

I LOVE to craft. I love sewing, trying to knit, making hair accessories, drying herbs, making useful things out of ugly or unused things…the list will expand eventually.

Here's a scarf-type thing I made. Yes, indeed, 'tis I.

Here's a rather ugly purse I slapped some flowers and a feather on, all of thrifted leather. My sister said it could never be cute. Statement disproved.
Here's an example of the hair bows I make all the time. Doesn't this just make you happy? Call me childish, but these bows are still awesome, regardless of age :)

Here's the easiest thing you could ever make. A jewelry tree, and at no cost to you! Tutorial to come :)

I love my family. I love my friends. Without all these people, I wouldn't be the same, and I'm grateful that God put them in my life.

I’m a high school student who is trying to start a wee business to help make a dent in the great mountain of  impending debt that we call college. I'm hoping that, eventually, this blog will help.

And despite my apparently masculine name (which is spelled the feminine way, thank you), and the title of our blog which may give one the impression that we are males, I am, in fact, a lass.

Thanks, and keep bein' fancy!

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