(re)freshing: Chain Earrings Tutorial

Have you too,noticed all the sweet chain earrings everywhere?
Are you to, too cheap to pay $12 or more for said earrings?
We made a quick pair (seriously,QUICK. This whole project takes about 10 minutes,tops.) with supplies we had on hand.
Free beats $12,in out opinion.
Unless you want to give us $12.
(In which case that's different...)
Anyways, wanna find out how?

Here's the skinny on your new pair 'o sassy earrings...

Step 1. Gather your supplies. You will need...
  • Earring hooks. We had some in our stash, but Micheals normally has them for about $3 for a small infinity of them(rough guesstimations of both numbers.)
  • Jewelry Pliers, but if you wanna use real pliers, we won't tell.
  • Scissors. The project is hinged on it! Use a strong pair,but bear in mind it will be cutting chain. We used out second-from-best. Yes,we rate our scissors.
  • Annnnnnnd chain. In this project, the thinner, the better. Just big enough loops to string it on the earring hook. JUST big enough. Not big enough to individually pry the links;however.

Step 2. This will feel absolutely ridiculous, but hold the chain up by your ear whilst looking in a mirror. Why? You need to figure out how long you want them to be. Everyone has different opinions on how long earrings should be, and it also greatly depends on your face type. But we digress. Find a length you are comfortable with and mark the spot with your finger. We went for about 2', but you may feel differently.

(no picture 'cause we have too much self respect to post it,ha.)

Step 3. Taking care NOT to cut your finger, cut the chain where you marked it.
    Be prepared for the link you severed to potentially go flying.
     Step 4. Using your pliers, open the loop of your earring hook. This is very elementary and we doubt we should have to walk you through it.

    Step 5. Loop the bit of chain you cut off onto the open loop. Try it on(carefully) to make sure you like the length!

    Thar she be.
    Step 6. Once comfortable with the length, take your bit 'o chain off the earring hook. Vaguely line it up against the "big" chain, and cut multiplies. We liked the simple look for 3 chains per earring, but hey, maybe you like things more dramatic. No need to be a perfectionist about the chains lengths,it'd look weird if they were all the same length. You just want the separate earrings to look semi-uniform, that is all.

     Step 7. Loop the chains onto the earring hook and CLOSE TIGHTLY. Other wise they will fall off and that would just be embarrassing/ infuriating and you'll run late getting ready because you had to string them back on. Not that we'd know or anything.
    Loop 'em!
    ...and close it! Like the awkward pose for the pliers? Us too!
     Step 8. Wear,rock,and enjoy. Beats $12? Yes. Yes it does. And it's so inexpensive a project you can easily get more earrings out of your supplies,which means hey! Good presents, are we right? Yes. Why yes,we believe we are.

    Not to shabby for stuff we had on hand!

    We like!

    This would be a great way to use up little bits of chain leftover from jewelry projects! It would also look fantastic if you used a few different gauges of chain. Yay earrings!


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