(re)freshing: Bath and Beauty Tutorial Roundup

...because who doesn't life to feel good?

We've made this with some friends before with fantastic results! Two notes,though: (a.) We used cheap 'ol sugar. Still exfoliated like there was no tomorrow,and (b.) We used olive oil and a few people learned the hard was that the really nice oil makes it look really really gross. Like,nigh unto un-dyable gross. The cheap stuff still moisturizes,if you want to give a pretty gift!
The ultimate Jonie item: Tea. Soap. Find out how here.
Find out how to make your own lip balm!
Um,who DOESN'T want an eye mask? Find out how with Prudent Baby.
You could always use our tutorial for an oatmeal lavender face mask!(it's fabulous.And shameless self-promotion ;)

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